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Fog of War Hides the coming Darkness.

In the Country of VeLand, Vekings commission "Warbands" to establish order amongst the chaos.

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A "Warband" consists of 3 variable viking warriors on a unique NFT ("Tile"), built on VeChain.

Each unique NFT "Tile" includes multiple attributes that dynamically add modifiers & playable abilities to the overall tactical strength of the game piece.

Test Tile 6.png

Close Combat

This game "Tile" consists of 2 viking warriors and 1 valkyrie representing the Runic Standard "Auponly". The vikings are armed with sword & shield, while the valkyrie dons a spear.

Test Tile 9.png

Combination Range Attacks & Close Combat.

A combination of close combat & ranged attack gives an additional strategic layer to a player's strategy.

Test Tile 7.png

Stacking Strengths

This Warband includes an uncommon fighter in the front position (yet to be revealed), along with 2 "Bear Pelt" warriors behind.

Test Tile 3.png

A Wide Range of Attributes

The warrior in the back of this Warband is wearing a different armor than the traditional leather & bear pelt, will it give him an advantage? And what about his 2-handed axe?

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Which Runic Tribe will your "Warband" Champion?

Choose carefully, the tribes each bring specific strategic advantages to the battlefield.

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Browse the 7 Types of Warrior Found in a Warband Below

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What is Kings of Kryptheim?

Kings of Kriptheim is the first of its kind on the VeChain Blockchain. A simple, yet addictive "digital tabletop" game of fantasy battles within the Kriptheim Metaverse.

Based on the wildly successful launch of VeKings & the marketplace, has layed out plans to release a series of Game Piece Collections to pioneer the true boundaries of the Metaverse on Vechain.

What are "Warbands"?

Warbands NFT series includes 10,000 pieces of art depicting the Vikings & Valkyries that represent the Kingdom of VeLand. The very 1st collection released by

With over 14M combinations, a warband is a completely unique gamepiece to the Kings of Kriptheim Digital Tabletop Game. Unique traits, settings & attributes add a modifier to further add layers of gameplay nuance in the form of strengths, weaknesses & collectibility.

How will the Mint Happen?

Mint will be exclusively offered through 

December 6th -Whitelist Sale 3pm UTC

150 VET

December 9th -Public Sale 3pm UTC

200 VET

Follow us on Twitter at @kingofkriptheim for live updates.

How much will a Warband Cost?

In an effort to create a dedicated community; the cost to mint a Warband will consist of 3 Tiers. Giveaways, Whitelist & Public Sale.

Mint will be in the structure of Flat Pricing with wallet maximums & a reveal planned at partial completion. There will be over 100 Giveaways. Free Market will determine prices post-mint.

What is the Future of Warbands?

Warbands is simply the 1st Collection in the Kings of Kriptheim Metaverse. Meant to establish the military strength of VeLand against terrors abroad.

Follow our Updates on our Official Twitter Channel @kingofkriptheim 

Who is Behind & Warbands? & the Warbands NFT series was created by a VeChain supporter & lifelong board game fanatic with a vision of the future of blockchain. Follow @tehbearcat on Twitter to connect with him.

How do I play Kings of Kriptheim?

 The "RULES" page in the Main Menu will publish the Rulebook in Text & PDF Format after mint. 

Prior to mint, Rules will be released in blocks of content. 

Is Minting a Kings of Kriptheim NFT enough to play the digital tabletop game?

In short, yes AND no. To play the version online, you will need to create an account on the Decentralized Game Application once the platform is launched (ETA Spring 2022). plans to release a "static" version of the game for strategy ideation, solo play & all-around fun OFF the blockchain by the end of 2021.

If your wallet contains a Kings of Kriptheim Metaverse NFT, you will be able to play the on-chain game solo, with other players, and create a gamer profile at release of the DApp. 

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Want to Learn More?

Follow us on Twitter at @kingofkriptheim

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