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Rules Release 1:
Characters & Stats

Every NFT in Kings of Kriptheim makes up a unique Tile. Each tile consists of characters, terrain, and various other attributes. These attributes carry specific "Stats"

Rules: Text

Movement - M

The number of tiles your Warband can move on a turn.

Movement is a flat rate, and modified by the overall energy of the tile

Finesse - Fi

How skilled a warrior is with their weapons in close combat.

An attacker's Finesse is compared with the Finesse of the enemy unit to reach a minimum dice roll to hit.

Aim - Ai

How skilled a character is to land a projectile attack on an enemy.

A character's Aim directly correlates how easily a character can hit a target, after benefit modifiers +/- are applied due to Cover, movement & more.

Attacks - A

The # of strikes a character can make in a combat round.

One of the most important metrics to stack when fighting strong foes. This stat is modified by weapon type & certain character's modifiers.

Health Points - Hp

How many successful wounds a character can sustain until removal from the battlefield.

Health Points will be an essential Stat to stack when building multiple Warbands against seasoned enemies.

Savagery - S

How damaging a characters attacks are when they land successfully on an enemy.

Savagery of the attacker is directly compared to the Fortitude of the enemy unit to determine a dice roll required to wound in combat.

Fortitude - Fo

Impacts a characters ability to resist wounds and/or effects in battle.

Fortitude lets characters shake off damaging attacks from range, in combat, and due to other effects.

Energy - E

A measure of how quickly a character can take action/reaction, prior to & during combat.

One of the most under-utilized stats in most combats; a wise player will ensure they have characters with the ability to react quickly and get every opportunity to strike first.

Rules: List

Character Types

Warrior - Versatile Infantry

Fi 3, Ai 2, A 1, HP 1, S 3, Fo 3, E 3

The most common character on a Warbands tile piece is the Warrior. They are versatile, expendable, and naturally born for battle. Able to wield a multitude of weapons, the warrior is the most integral part of your sustainable battle strategy.

Known Weapons: Axe & Shield, Sword & Shield, Spear, Great Axe, and more...


Bowman - Ranged Hunter

Fi 2, Ai 4, A 1, HP 1, S 2, Fo 2, E 3

Vikings are known for getting close and personal, but that doesn't mean the young & the wary wouldn't let loose an arrow from afar to dispatch their enemies. Bowman add a powerful ranged attack to your Warbands. Be sure to use them wisely.

Known Weapons: Short Bow, and more...

Valkyrie - Quick & Deadly

Fi 3, Ai 2, A 1, HP 1, S 3, Fo 3, E 4

The Valkyrie are the women warriors of the vikings. A force to be reckoned with, while not as numerous as male warriors, valkyries bring ferocity and speed to the battlefield, tending to move faster than their warrior counterparts.

Known Weapons: Axe & Shield, Sword & Shield, Spear, Dual Axes, Dual Swords, and more...


Berserker - Rage Incarnate

pending base stat release

An uncommon site on the battlefield is that of a Berserker. Filled with rage, hatred, and the animosity of the viking spirit, Berserkers attack with a greater savagery dealing killing blows more effectively to their enemies. They are also known for hurling their axes to the dismay of their foes.

Known Weapons: Dual Axes, Dual Swords, and more...

Verserker - Savage Strikers

pending base stat release

Even Lesser seen on the battlefield than the Berserker, the Verserker is their female counterpart. A scornful flurry, they tend to be quicker than their larger male counterparts. They also hone the ability to throw their weapons.


Jotunn - Giants of Myth

pending base stat release

Jotunn have long held the most terrifying mythology in VeLand, always with a taste for Viking flesh. One had not been seen until 3 winters back, when they began appearing in larger numbers then ever imagined. They bring the health of a tank & savagery of a berserker to the battlefield for their allies.

Jarl - Ruling Elite

pending base stat release

The Vikings of Veland respect strength above all else. They mostly tend to aristocracy & oligarchy, but the Jarls & Vekings of Velands townships have begun to set government charters in place. It won't be long until their politicking will either unite or forever sever the 4 tribes.

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